Business Questionnaire

    VanOnGo empowers businesses to win in today's customer-centric and price-sensitive market with exceptional delivery experience and efficient movement of goods from warehouse to stores andor to clients' doors for the same day and pre-scheduled delivery during a specific time slot options and convert transportation function from challenge to competitive advantage.

    To provide tailored packages to address each company's specific logistical needs, we ask for the following initial information:

    1.Basic Information:

    3.Get delivery when you need it with our on-demand fleet. Choose service level:

    4.Working hours:


    8.Number of deliveries per category and per pick-up points:

    Pick-up point name < 5 kg < 30 kg > 30 kg

    9.In case of delivery weight more than 30 kg:

    10.Delivery orders submission via:

    14.End-Client (Consumer) options:

    15.Payments options:

    16.Proof of delivery:

    If you have any questions, please contact Vanongo: