VanOnGo is a new word in bulky goods delivery
We re-invented shipping and made it simple and convenient.
From A to B in several clicks.
We value this resource and save it for you. We quickly bring the van to the desired destination.
Musical equipment, piano, bed, fruit set, perfume or ring - we can do everything
Long calls are in the past.
Place your order online in the application or on the web site.

Fast and cheap delivery
Need to transport the piano, wardrobe or sofa? Want to return the item to the store? Do you send out goods every day? Do it fast and inexpensive with VanOnGo.
It's like a taxi for goods.
Install the app.
Select cargo and route.
Place an order
How it works?
Your driver is found!
The application will offer the best option for a truck and price. This will take up to 5 minutes.
Your cargo will be delivered to the desired place quickly and transparently.
Try it right now!
Fast, easy, without long calls and waitings. Your old and not needed sofa becomes a new life for someone.
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